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Welcome to the Territorial activities and Local Administrations Co-ordination Centre

The web site you found has been built to monitor, describe and contribute to italian local admistrations' activities as a main part of the development of the Information Society in Italy.

This initiative was started by the national Information Society Forum, that is a working 'forum' open to public institutions (including territorial ones such as Regions, Provinces, Municipalities), social partners, universities, research institutes and private citizens. The main task of the Forum - chaired by Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Massimo D'Alema, MP - is to co-ordinate the drafting of the national Action Plan and also to promote initiatives for the development of the Information Society. More information can be found at:

Territorial Activities and Local Administration

In the course of the Joint Conference held on 22 April 1999, the Government called upon the territorial administrations to co-operate actively in the endeavours of the Information Society Forum.

Moreover, readily accepted is the fact that the Information Society, according with Bangemann's initiative and more UE project, must develop on the local level by way of priority. In addition, territorial administrations in Italy have implemented leading edge projects in this sector.

In the course of the aforementioned Conference it was also decided to institute a special structure whose purpose would be to monitor activities carried out in that given territory, co-ordinate the participation of the territorial administrations in the Forum's work and stimulate local governments (at regional and provincial but also municipality level) to improve its own organization transforming itself to the better use of new technologies and to adequate public services level to people needs.

Evident in Italy is a resolute demand for participation - fanned by civic networks - on the part of institutions and citizens who ask to contribute actively to the construction of the Information Society. It is to be hoped that, with time, it may also be possible to create a sort of Forum network structure, or, in any case, decentralized fora for local discussion.

The structure, called Territorial activities and Local Administrations Co-ordination Centre has been realized by the Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin and the Municipality of Turin, which have appointed Eng. Giovanni Ferrero to the Office of director.

The main office is on the premises of CSI-Piedmont, a public consortium created by the Piedmont Region, the Province, the City, the University and the Polytechnic of Turin and located in Turin, Corso Unione Sovietica, 216.

This web site describes Co-ordination Centre Plan of the year 2000.


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